Thursday, November 19, 2009

[ZESTCaste] Dalit family camps in front of collectorate

Dalit family camps in front of collectorate
Vivek Vijayapalan / DNA
Thursday, November 19, 2009 14:57 IST

Ahmedabad: Nathubhai Solanki has been camping outside the district
collectorate office for the past few days with his family. His aim is
to get justice for his family which was allegedly pushed out of his
native village over caste issues. Solanki, a Dalit, has also submitted
a memorandum to the district collector, saying that if he does not get
justice immediately, he and his family will immolate themselves in
front of the office.

In the memorandum submitted to the district collector, he has alleged
that his house in his village Alav in Ranpur taluka was razed to the
ground by Bhaga Bharwad, Vala Vindani and Bhima Bharwad belonging to
the upper caste. He has also said in his memorandum that the trio
attacked him with swords and sticks in a bid to kill him and his

Solanki told DNA, "I have been camping outside the collectorate to get
justice. I have also been booked under section 151 of the IPC after I
submitted the memorandum which stated that if I do not get justice I
will immolate myself. However, I have decided that I will continue my
struggle to get justice."

"I don't want money, I merely want to protect my family," adds
Solanki. Sources aware of the development said that the three people
against whom Solanki raised allegations had been booked and a
charge-sheet had been filed in the case. Solanki points out, "If I
succeed in my struggle to get justice, then there will be hope for
many more people like me who belong to the lower caste."

Manjula Pradeep, Director of Navsarjan who is supporting Solanki,
says: "The situation has become hostile in his village because of
which he had to leave. Even the police have not been able to provide
him with protection in the village. He lost property worth Rs65,000
when his house was razed but the state government has reimbursed him
only with Rs10,000. This clearly shows that the state is not
fulfilling its responsibility."

On the other hand, senior collectorate officials say that the
allegations made by Solanki will be probed. A senior official said,
"We will verify the matter but it seems that the dispute is personal
and not caste-based."

The matter has been referred to the office of Ranpur mamaltadar.

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